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Submission Deadline: March 16, 2014

We have received numerous requests for a Call for Papers extension and have extended the submission deadline to Sunday, March 16.

Most of the speaker slots for SEED2014 can be applied for by submitting an abstract or complete manuscript. Abstracts and manuscripts will continue to be accepted through March 7 and decisions will be made before the end of March. We are looking to have the most exciting new science and technology be presented at the meeting.

Submit your abstract or manuscript to ACS Synthetic Biology via ACS Paragon Plus, which can be accessed at the 'Submit a Paper' link above. Once you log into Paragon Plus, please choose ‘ACS Synthetic Biology’ from the journal list. If you are submitting an abstract, please choose 'Viewpoint' as the manuscript type; if you are submitting a complete manuscript, please choose ‘Article’ or ‘Letter’ as the manuscript type. At the bottom of the page, please choose 'Summer Synthetic Biology Conference-2014' from the ‘Special Issue Selection’ drop down menu. Please ensure that your submitted abstract includes the complete author list, with the speaker highlighted in bold.

This is an experiment in having a system in place that allows for researchers to apply for speaking slots at an annual Synthetic Biology meeting. This is common practice in other engineering disciplines and it is attractive in being able to incorporate research from younger labs and in different communities as well as for more established labs in the field to put forward research for which they might not be known.

We intend to publish an issue of ACS Synthetic Biology that collates papers from the meeting and publishes them in the September issue. Please note that you do not have to publish a submitted manuscript in this journal or issue to be considered as a speaker. If you would like the paper to both be considered for a speaker slot and peer-reviewed for an ACS Synthetic Biology issue, please indicate so in the cover letter.